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Migrating to Drupal - done

The travelogue pages have their pictures restored… All links are working again…

Migrating to Drupal

I'm migrating my old Wordpress site to a Drupal based one. Currently there are a lot of broken links, images are not appearing and the theme could use some improvement.

Nikon D300 Low Noise

If you downloaded the D2X modes from Nikon you may have noticed the noise at ISO 400 or even ISO 200. Many people seem to use D2Xmode1 for portraits and D2Xmode3 for nature and landscape photography. Someone on the suggested to use the following settings:

OpenSolaris 2008.05 has been released

It seems like Sun made a right choice hiring Ian Murdock. I installed OpenSolaris last night in a VMware Fusion instance, and it looks sweet: bash is the default shell, seperate /root home directory, live cd which acts as a install cd, ZFS, Xen, DTrace, Containers, a new package management system IPS. Now if only Sun could do something about the lack of hardware support.