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The Quest for the Perfect CMS

It all started with WordPress...

After WordPress i migrated to Drupal, Sypmhony CMS, Textpattern, MODx and now this site is running Plone.

While it has a steep learning curve, Plone is doing out of the box what i want for this site, unlike the other CMS's where i needed a lot of plugins/addons/extentions.

Textile markup, richt text editor, multimedia handling, integrated search, photo albums, ... all included.

One aspect Plone really needs to improve though, is theming. For simple designs, like this site, you can quite easily override some of the CSS, but advanced styling means deep diving into the bowels of Plone and Zope. Or as an alternative: using a theme transformer such as Diazo or Deliverance.

Coming next: some small guides how to adapt the standard Plone install and theme into something similar to this site.