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Changing the logo of a default Plone 4 site

I've cheated a bit with this one, but this is how to replace the logo of a Plone 4 site with a title and a subtitle.

First login to your Plone site and then go to the ZMI (Site Setup -> Zope Management Interface). In the ZMI browse to:


Look in this place for the plone.logo entry.

Click on the customize button and replace the code with:

<h1 metal:define-macro="portal_logo"
  <a accesskey="1"
    tal:define="portal_state context/@@plone_portal_state"
    tal:attributes="href view/navigation_root_url"
    i18n:domain="plone" tal:content="portal_state/portal_title">
<h2 id="subtitle">here comes the subtitle</h2>

Don't forget to save :-)

As you can see the subtitle is a fixed string. If someone knows how to replace this with something like a portal_description variable, please let me know.

Now we have to change the css a bit: go back to the root of the ZMI and go to:


Here you click on the text of ploneCustom.css and then again on customize. A new folder will be made:


Here you find the ploneCustom.css. In this file add the following overrides:

#portal-logo {
  display: inline-block;
  margin: 0 0;
#content .documentDescription, #content #description {
  color: #000000;
  font: 1.25em "Helvetica Neue",Arial,FreeSans,sans-serif;
  margin-left: 0;
  margin-top: 10px;
  margin-bottom: 10px;
#portal-header h2#subtitle {
  color: #666666;
  font: 1.25em "Helvetica Neue",Arial,FreeSans,sans-serif;
  margin-left: 10px;
  margin-top: 0px;
  margin-bottom: 10px;
/* fixed-width layout. *
#visual-portal-wrapper { width: 60em; margin: 0 auto; }

After this edit the logo region of your site should be altered.