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Changing the logo of a default Plone 4 site

I've cheated a bit with this one, but this is how to replace the logo of a Plone 4 site with a title and a subtitle.

Changing the footer of a default Plone 4 site

For changing the footer, go into the ZMI. Here you find the footer template in the following folder:

Replacing the favicon of a Plone 4.1 site

This is what i did to change the favicon of my Plone 4.1 website.

The Quest for the Perfect CMS

It all started with WordPress...

Symphony CMS - another migration

Don't get me wrong, Drupal was - and still is - a fine tool to create many kinds of websites, but the lack of good themes was bothering me. So i had two choices: keep searching for a nice Drupal theme or creating one myself, which meant that i had to get my hands dirty on things like CSS, Drupal api's,…